Courtney and Aaron. Monroe Pearson Wedding.



I always feel incredibly blessed with my clients. It was such an honor and fun to work with Courtney and Aaron that I don't take for granted. Courtney is beautiful inside out, sweet and humble.  Both her and Aaron have the best hearts and always make sure everyone around them feels appreciated, seen and loved... that is such a rare and incredible quality these days.They both radiate kindness and love for one another, and for those around them. I also witness the joy and love of their friends and family.  


Courtney and Aaron, both have passion for horses, Aaron is a well known horse trainer. They like to watch movies, spend time visiting the City, and like to wine and dine. Therefore, Monroe Pearson was a perfect venue for them with its  mix of industrial and rustic vibe, huge windows, and its location in downtown Denton. With the new construction and renovation of Monroe Pearson venue, I was just as excited about working there, as Courtney and Aaron about getting married. 

Dear Aaron and Courtney,
I considered myself blessed to have been able to capture this special day for you both.  I have loved getting to work with you, and watching you two promise forever and I am super excited to share this blog. I can’t wait to see where life takes you and your marriage. Congratulations and cheers to many years of happy marriage!



And I just have to say a few words about Monroe Pearson venue, since it just recently opened and it was my first time working there. I think this is one of the most well thought through venues I have ever seen. While many venues have beautiful suites for brides, they hardly ever have a decent room for the groom. However, the Monroe Pearson venue is very spacious and has a modern design that makes it perfect for men. 
Due to the bride's suite being gorgeous and roomy, we were able to do a big chunk of Courtney's portraits and girls right there before the ceremony. On the other hand, Aaron's portraits were taken in a hallway using the natural light coming from those huge windows.  The lounge areas at the venue make me want to come back and do some fashion inspired portrait session! 
The ghost chairs complete the modern look of the venue and make it even more beautiful.  Finally, the reception area is really spacious and it accommodates a large number of guests, so even with a big party, like Courtney and Aaron had, there is enough room for everyone to have their own kind of fun. 


I love the mix of different styles and clean modern look of the venue. It definitely has its own personality and could make anyone's wedding day unique and it definitely is in my list of favorite venues to work at! 




Venue: Monroe Pearson

Coordinator: Tessa S.  (Assistant Venue Director ) with Monroe Pearson 

Hair Stylist: Leigh Jacobs Salon

Makeup Artist: Tori Custer

Florist: CoCo Fleur 

DJ: LeForce Entertainment

Donuts: Hurts Donuts

Catering: Patriotic Pig 

Photo Booth: Picture This DFW

Love, Julia