Mary Catherine and Patrick. Sneak Peek of their wedding day.

From the fist e-mails I received from Mary Catherine and Patrick I knew that this wedding is going to be something very special. 


Mary Catherine wore her grandmother's wedding dress, which her mother also wore, and her wedding band was her paternal grandmother's. Isn't it exciting? How often to do you find such things these days? 

Mary Catherine and Patrick wanted their wedding to be timeless and classic. And it was! Gina, Mary Catherine's mother, who helped them to put everything together, did an amazing job! It's nice to share the tastes with your mother :) 


It's clear that Patrick and Mary Catherine are not only in love, but also that they are best friends for each other, and I hope that I was able to reflect the romance that they both share in my photographs. 

I say: "I believe in delicate details and family heirlooms, but more importantly I believe that a strong marriage is more important than a perfect wedding day."  I think this was a perfect wedding, day full of beauty, joy, love, laughter and fun.... wonderful fist day of a beautiful marriage! 


There are so many amazing photos from this wedding, that I haven't even had a chance to go through all of them, but I cannot keep my excitement, so here are just some photos of the day.  


Oh and now,  I can finally share Mary Catherine's Bridal portraits! 


Second Photographer - Allison Davis 

Church - Christ the King Catholic Church

Venue - Park City Club 

Makeup - Shelley Stull 

Dj - Uptown Sound

Florist - Antebellum Design 

Cake - Delicious Cakes 



That's the dress! 

And this is the first owner of that dress! She still looks beautiful! 

Photographs of Mary Catherine's mother and grandmother on their wedding day...

A special dance for the two! :) 

Patrick and Mary Catherine finished their night with a private last dance and farewell exit with pom poms. Pom Poms looked pretty awesome! :)