Celebrate yourself!

I did this portrait / boudoir session last month when I was in St. Petersburg. I am absolutely obsessed with this studio! Yep! You heard me right, this is a photo studio! I wish we had something like that here in Dallas! Don't you love those elegant, European looking, classic interiors?! We planned this photoshoot few months in advance, and the interior of the studio was our inspiration. Kate and Tatiana are best friends, so we decided, why not do something that would reflect the intimacy of their friendship. Pastel colors of the room, inspired us for soft and romantic looks for the girls, so we peeked vintage looking lace robes for them to match the interior. I think it all matched perfectly, right? 


Another reason I loved this session was because there was pretty much no reason for it! Girls, just decided to celebrate themselves and their beauty! I think it's amazing, and we all should do it every once in a while. We all get busy with life, I don't know how about you, but I am definitely  guilty of skipping manicures, haircuts and treating myself with some other nice things.... How is doing a portrait / boudoir session not another way to treat yourself, just like going to a beauty salon? 


By the way, a portrait session can also be a great gift for your mother, sister, friend, wife and even husband (both gifting him a portrait session or doing a boudoir session of yourself and gifting him an album).