Family Lifestyle

This is how a good Saturday morning should start in every family :) 

It's been a while since I wanted to do a shoot like that, so I was very happy when I met Deana and she said that she is interested! She is such a sweet, positive and inspiring girl! And just look at her smile! It took them a couple of poses to warm up and actually stop posing, and start being themselves and help me capture their life and their love for each other. Of course Weston was rocking it and was the best model with his adorable smile and cute curls. 

I love what Deana said in her Instagram, while sharing one of the photos "Having our family photos taken at our house was definitely an amazing experience. As we were taking photos, the thoughts came into my head: "this is my life". Yes, of course, we are posing for the pictures. Yet this my home, my family, and we actually do hang out on this bed just like this. Usually, my hair is messy and Weston most likely is just wearing a diaper. Also, probably our bed is not made up. That's because Weston loves grabbing the pillows and falling backwards with them. ⠀
After doing the pictures at home, I feel that every family should do this. Just a regular day from your life that has so much to be grateful for. " 


Anyone else wants a lifestyle family shoot like this? I am in!