Groomals VS Bridals

What is a Groomal?

I think most people know what a Bridal session is. It's that very special time when the bride-to-be has her portrait taken in her full wedding day attire with her hair, makeup, jewelry, veil, bouquet, and of course, the dress, all perfect.  Yay! You've spent all this time and money on your gorgeous dress and now you have a chance to put it all on and also feel like a super model. This is your very special day. Yes, you’re the star of the show, and you just can’t wait for your wedding day to arrive!

So, what then is a Groomal? Have you ever heard that term? To me, this was a new word I saw recently when I was reading an article about photography trends for 2016-2017. Groomals are basically just normal bridal sessions but with both the groom and the bride present. 

That’s awesome! Actually, I've been doing this kind of session for some time and always called them Bridals, but now I know that I was wrong. With the bride and the groom together, they are called Groomals! :) 

So if you’re looking to show off your dress one more time, or are just looking for an excuse to look beautiful with your fiance in front of the camera, then a Groomal session is perfect for you. Your Groomal will be a combination of creativity, fashion, and great fun! 

What are the benefits of Groomals?

There are so many benefits to choosing to do a Groomal session! On your wedding day you have almost no time alone as a couple, but the Bridal/Groomal session is focused solely on the two of you. And not having the stress and emotional pulls of a wedding day also gives you much more flexibility and joy. You don’t have to worry about your schedule, and there won’t be any guests to distract you wanting their picture taken with you. While you’re doing your Bridal/Groomal session you can relax, feel and look fabulous and enjoy each other while the photographer concentrates on capturing the beauty of your love. Also Bridal/Groomal sessions provide a perfect opportunity to take a lot of fashion-inspired pictures. 

Another benefit: it’s a great opportunity to have pictures taken at a place different from the location of your reception and ceremony.  Maybe your wedding is more nature-oriented, but you want a more urban look for your Bridal/Groomal session or vice-versa. Also, you don’t have to worry about driving to a different location on the day of the wedding to get those different backgrounds. And the weather? You cannot reschedule your wedding if it rains, but you can schedule your Bridal/Groomal any time.

Finally, a Bridal/Groomal also gives you a greater selection and variety of images for your final album. It’s always nice to pepper a big album with a few images from different locations to give it a bit of color and life.

When should you do your Groomals? 

Traditional Bridal sessions are usually done a month or two before the wedding. What about Groomals? Today for many couples, it’s no longer taboo for the groom to see the bride in her dress before the wedding day. Some even say that this first look should be private and intimate, away from crowds of well-wishers, and the Bridal/ Groomal session provides a great opportunity for that private first look. However if it’s important for you to have that the first look at the ceremony itself, or if your dress is not ready until few days before the wedding, or if you’re simply afraid of messing up your dress before your big day, then the Bridal/Groomal session can be done shortly after your wedding! 

The choice is yours, and I’ll be glad to work with you no matter what your choice is.