Hickory Street Annex. Wedding

They say 50 photos is enough to tell the wedding day story. This time it was a challenge to narrow it down to two hundred images from a couple of thousands images first, and then to just a bit over 100.  Wedding of Alice and Dewy was full of emotions - smiles, laughter, tears of joy and happiness, so I would like to share as much of it as possible. I think that their story deserves more than 50 images in my blog! I hope that many years after, when they look through these photographs, they can remember not only what their day looked like, how beautiful was the dress, decor, flowers.... but also how it felt. 


Wedding Venue - Hickory Street Annex 

Dress - a&bé

Florist - Billie Ball and Co 


Both Alice and Dewy are of Korean descent. During the reception they went to change into traditional Korean outfits to respect their tradition of bowing to parents. This was my first time witnessing this beautiful tradition and I loved it! Not to mention that I am totally in love with those dresses!