Julienne & Shawn. Aristide | Flower Mound Wedding

Hello friends! Today just got a whole lot prettier! T I would like to start by saying, that Julienne and Shawn's wedding will always have a special place in my heart! I have to tell you that trying to narrow this down was not easy!! But I think once you see it all you'll understand why!


From the very first time I met Julienne, I knew she is the kind of person that everyone falls in love with; Because I personally did! She is graceful by first being gracious, she is classic in that doesn’t even have to try sort of way, she has a heart of gold she cares most about love and her legacy.

On the wedding day, she brought me 4 sets of engagement rings to photograph, including her own,  her mother's, her grandmother's, and her great grandmother's. Indeed, it was something very special to photograph not just 4 rings BUT 4 generations of strong marriages and thousands of life stories.


Julienne also gave me her "Handkerchief Bonnet Hat". It was her newborn gift, that she was supposed to turn into a handkerchief on her wedding day, but she didn't want to undo it, so we kept it the way it was. I am sure Julienne will pass it on to her baby along with her love and wisdom. Other than that she brought me her mother's Bible and two porcelain cups that belonged to her grandmother's that she wanted to include in her bridal portraits. 


And than there is Shawn. He has a charming smile, and his eyes get full of love when he looks at Julienne. However, once you get to know him a little more, you get to see his kind heart, the way he treats and cares about his family and friends. No doubt these two are a perfect match!


Once I saw Ben and Cindy, Julienne's parents, and Ken and Debbie, Shawn's parents, I realized where Julienne and Shawn learned how to love with their full hearts. I feel very honored to have witnessed the amount of unconditional love Julienne and Shawn were receiving from their parents. The legacy of love, commitment, and respect that they are passing down is such a gift that not many people receive or get to witness. 


This entire day was just so full of love and beauty! Aristide Flower Mound venue with it’s classic interiors  was just a perfect match to complete the look and feeling of this elegant wedding!



Dear Julienne and Shawn,

Thank you for sharing this most beautiful day with me. It was an honor that I don’t take lightly. It was such a joy to see how well you love each other, your family and friends, and how much they love you in return. I hope that as years go by and you look at your wedding photographs you still can remember not only what it looked like, but also what it felt like. Congratulations!



Amazing vendors who helped to create this beautiful day:


Venue:  Aristide | Flower Mound

Coordinator:  Faith with Aristide | Flower Mound

Hair Stylist: Lip Service Makeup

Makeup Artist: Lip Service Makeup

Florist: Macey Ward, Flourished Floral Design

Officiant: Joe Zinser, Love Notes

DJ: DJ Connection

Cake: The Flour Shop

Catering: Milestone Catering

Hotel: Courtyard Marriott |  Flower Mound


Love, Julia