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One day, I was running errand, and was passing by a construction near my house. It’s only five minutes away, but I don’t go that direction often. “This looks way too beautiful to be someone’s house! What if this is a wedding venue?” I though. Sure thing, few months later The Knotting Hill Place opened their doors. About two more months passed, and I received an inquiry from Rizwana and Daniel. They were planning their wedding at the Knotting Hill Place. As we continued to talk my excitement kept growing. Not only they were getting married at the venue I was dreaming to work at, but as I was getting to know them a little bit I realized that they are the kind of people I love working with! 

Rizi and Daniel met at pharmacy school through some mutual friends. They were talking for hours and Daniel quickly started liking her, but she was hesitant. However during the summer break, while she was away from him, she quickly realized how lucky she would be to have someone like Daniel in her life. So when the summer was over and they came back to school it was her turn “to chase after him”. Needless to say that Daniel didn’t even try to run away :) 

These two are such good people. They are kind to everyone around them, they are sweet and so easy! They appreciate simple things and value people around them the most. Rizi says, that when they go on vacation, they reflect on the things that matter in their life and how lucky they are to have what most people take for granted. I think it’s a wonderful practice and we all should do that more often! 

The entire wedding day just reflected who Daniel and Rizi really are. It was relaxed, romantic, elegant and fun! Everything about this wedding was so personal.

Rizi’s brother officiated the ceremony, and they wrote their personal vows. But first, they shared a private firs look, where Daniel was able to see his bride, give her a hug and tell her how stunningly beautiful she was! 

I loved that they changed some traditions to suite themselves. For example after the ceremony, while all the guests and family were enjoying the cocktail hour Rizi and Daniel shared a private dance. I loved it not only because it was so romantic and personal, but also the way it turned out picture wise! The ballroom still looked fresh and beautiful with all the stunning centerpieces and decor. 

After that Rizi changed into a traditional Indian dress. Except, in my experience, most of the times those dresses are red and gold. And Rizi picked an elegant navy and turquoise dress with a cape. And I am absolutely obsessed with capes!! So you can imagine how much I love it!  

Needless to say that reception was a ton of fun with lots and lots of dancing! I think it was a perfect day! 

Dear Rizi and Daniel, congratulations! You are such a beautiful (inside and out!!) couple. It’s people like you who make me love my job so much! I am so grateful for the opportunity to witness and document this special day of your life, for you and generations to come. I wish for you all the best! Cheers to many years together that are full of love and happiness!

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