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Love, Julia

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These two are kindred spirits! Julia (who I instantly adored!) is that rare kind of girl who loves absolutely polar things. She gets so excited about everything that sparklers (her ring, her nails, her dress…) and is so feminine, yet, she is so much into sports, cars, racing… And Nick with his intellect and adventurous spirit is just a perfect match for her! Also they are such a good looking couple and such good, good hearted people! I love the way they look at each other and the quiet comfort they share. The way they give gentle kisses to each other and how they laugh together…. Perfect.Together. …
Julia’s sister, Misty, officiated the ceremony and it was so sweet! She knows these two like no one else, and her amazing(!) speech was so personal and truly related to the bride and groom and not just your traditional and generic speech. Sharing their story, romance and adventures with Carl Sagan’s quotes… it was so THEM!

Nick’s best man gave probably one of the funniest speeches I’ve ever heard with an instruction for Julia on how to “domesticate Nick”. I already knew that Nick was an adventurous soul, so I wasn’t surprised to hear that a major part of their friendship Nick was “trying to kill them” while the other one was trying …well…to save them haha…

One of my most favorite memories from this wedding will be parents! The way they still hold their hands, hug and kiss! Nick’s mom just radiates with love for everyone around her!

I don’t think there is another venue in Dallas that would be a better fit for this wedding. Le Meridien Stoneleigh hotel was just perfect! Both Julia and Nick love (so do I!) the mix of modern and vintage European decor and bright, bold and jewel toned colors. I think it all reflects their bright, classy and corky personalities so well! The penthouse has a unique layout, with few separate areas all connected by a beautiful hallway. And it worked so well for all the guests! While some were rocking the dance floor, others were able to enjoy conversations with a drink in their hands on a comfy furniture in beautiful lounge areas. It was such a joy to see everyone having such a good time!