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Beating Bridal Insomnia

Sep 12, 2018

Getting the Beauty Rest you Need before the Big Day

We aren’t just talking about the night before your wedding jitters. We are talking about lying awake in the weeks leading up to your wedding, mind racing, thoughts tumbling over each other as you mentally tally all that you have left to do before the wedding. You are waking up to darkening circles under your eyes and saying a prayer of thanks that you booked the best makeup artist in town for your wedding day. Ladies, this is no way to prepare for a wedding! You want to enjoy your day, not hide a yawn when the reception approaches dinner hour!

5 Tips for Getting the Best Rest

Write it Out- Get those thoughts down on paper. Yes, paper. Put that phone away. Studies have shown that if you are looking at your phone before you fall asleep, you are more likely to be restless and have difficulty falling asleep. Writing out your thoughts in a journal or notebook will help your brain dump the information freeing it up to rest.

Shut it Down – Speaking of phones….don’t let that little thing distract you from sleep. Put it on do not disturb and get some rest. Those notifications will wait until morning. If you want some fun brain science to back this up, these brilliant kids experimented with the effects of cell phones on sleep.

Avoid the Alcohol – It is so tempting to try and relax with a glass of wine, but the truth is, alcohol, while it can be effective at knocking you out, it doesn’t give you a restful sleep. Try some non-habit forming alternatives. I am a big fan of Valerian Root. It is also useful for calming anxiety, which can run a little high as the wedding draws closer. Other natural options include lavender essential oils, and melatonin (you can buy both of those at a natural grocer for less than a bottle of wine!)

Go Easy on the Caffeine – It’s a vicious cycle. You didn’t sleep, so you need ALL. THE. COFFEE. But now, you are lying awake, body tense and sleep seems unreachable. And repeat. Skip the caffeine in the weeks leading up to the wedding. Instead, try a pleasant herbal tea or a decaf coffee. If you are getting plenty of rest, you won’t need as much caffeine to keep you going. Bonus, your skin will look great. Caffeine is dehydrating and inflammatory, which is a terrible combination when your goal is glowing skin on your wedding day. Drinking more water will not only keep you more alert, but it will also flush out toxins that are left behind from stress and caffeine.

Take up yoga – Or any relaxation routine. Stretching before bed is known to give you a more restful sleep, as it allows your muscles to relax before lying down. Try some deep breathing techniques to calm your mind and allow your body to move into a state of rest. Doctors recommend doing them for 10 minutes or more to have the most benefit.


Bye Bye Insomnia, Hello Beauty Rest!

Bye Bye Insomnia, Hello Beauty Rest!

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