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Julia’s Guide to Your Dream Engagement Session

Nov 15, 2018

Can we be honest here ladies? Chances are your guy has groaned audibly when you brought up the topic of your engagement session. Don’t take it personally. It isn’t that he doesn’t want to take photos with you. More than likely, the words “photo shoot” conjure up visions of wearing scratchy collared shirts in terrible colors while being asked to hold hands with his kid sister, and “for the love of all that is holy, just…smile…normal!” being angrily whispered in his ear.  Good news! My sessions are all about the two of you, your connection and the love you share. I can’t make promises about itchy collars…and there will likely be hand-holding…but I can promise there will be enough fun, that no threatening requests for smiles will be uttered!

Engagement session guide

What Not to Wear…Or What To Wear as the Case May Be

Since the topic of clothing has already been brought up, let’s start there! How you dress for your session will affect the posing that we do during your session. If tickle sessions on the floor are your game, then skinny jeans and a cute top will probably photograph better than a mini skirt! Long flowy dresses photograph beautifully in scenic locations where wind brings added movement to your photos, but if you are into a lifestyle session at home cuddled up with your pups, something more casual will probably suite the mood better. We will discuss the kind of session you are dreaming of and I will send you some style suggestions based on your overall vibe. One of the keys to keeping the session fun is to feel like yourselves.

Engagement session tips

Oh the Places You’ll Go

The location will also affect the direction and feel of your engagement session. One thing that dictates how I photograph couples is the question “Why?” – I want your images to make sense for you. You’d probably never drag a vintage couch out into the middle of a field, so why would we do that for your engagement session? Would you really hike through the grassy hills in heels and an evening gown? Most likely not. If you are in the mood to dress up, let’s meet in the Arts District and visit some museums, or even get a drink on a roof top bar. We’ll visit places that make sense to who you are as a couple! Do you love cooking together? Let’s do an in home lifestyle session while you cook pasta, drink wine and cuddle on the couch. Are you music buffs? Let’s hit up a vintage record store and check out some of your favorite bands, and maybe grab a coffee at a local cafe. If you want your guy to enjoy your engagement session, do things that you already love doing together!

Engagement session guide

Its all in the Details

This is less about making sure your guy loves your session and more about you loving your photos! Little details matter. The right necklace to complete the outfit, making sure his belt matches his shoes…those are the kind of things that you see after the photo is taken and wish you’d done differently. Speaking of shoes…they can make or break an outfit. Especially guy’s shoes. Most men aren’t as concerned with having the perfect shoe to complete their look, but as we women are! If he doesn’t have the right shoe for your style, maybe take this as an opportunity to give his look a little more polish with a new pair of shoes!

Engagement session tips

Don’t Forget to Have Fun

Sure, there is going to be some looking at the camera and smiling, because you know your grandma has an open 8×10 on the mantel waiting to be filled with your smiling faces. But most of your session will be you interacting and enjoying each other. I use the term “poses” very lightly when I discuss what to expect out of your engagement session- while I will offer direction, what I am capturing is your natural connection. You aren’t going to hear me telling you to smile every few minutes -mostly because I won’t have to! You’ll have so much fun, those smiles will come naturally! When you focus the session more on who you are as a couple and less on getting the perfect shot, the real magic happens. I want to create images that tell your story, and not just how good you look together.

Engagement session tips

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What colors should I wear?

A: This is entirely up to you! Wear colors that look good on your skin and that you feel beautiful in. Minimal patterns photograph better than bold busy prints, and you can never go wrong with neutral tones if you can’t make a decision on what color to wear!


Q: Can we travel to a location special to us?

A: Always! I love adventure and getting to know more about you as a couple! That being said, there will be an additional travel fee for locations that are outside a specific radius of the Dallas metro area. Message me for more details!


Q: Can I text you photos of my outfit selections before the session?

A: Absolutely! I am happy to weigh in on what photographs well!


Q: How many outfits should we bring?

A: Great question! It depends on the look you are going for. For an in-home lifestyle session, probably just one outfit will tell your story best. If we are exploring multiple locations, usually two outfits work well. I would suggest making one outfit casual and the other more dressy so you have different looks to choose from.


Stephanie and Derek’s recent engagement session at Mandalay Canal is a great example of how well they coordinated their outfits and location based on their personalities and what they love!



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