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My trip to Paris

Feb 1, 2019

What can I say, Paris is beautiful any time of the year, even in the winter. I have been to 15 European countries, visited there about 30 cities, and I must say that Paris truly is the most beautiful one! Of course it’s very different from many others, therefore maybe it’s not fair to compare it, but I am sure many would agree with me. I think what makes Paris different from most other cities I’ve seen is that it’s very elegant. I love how almost all the buildings are the same sand color. Black rooftops and wrought iron balconies seem to be a must for almost every single building in Paris. And that’s what makes it so different and so beautiful.

Most of all I liked Louvre. It is the most beautiful architectural masterpiece that I have ever seen in my life. And actually we hired a photographer to take our pictures around Louvre. I mean, what can be a better souvenir, and a better memory from a trip?

Notre Dame de Paris



I love how naked trees are matching the colors of the buildings and even water!


Paris Paris

And just a few photos of Paris at night…

And this is us! 🙂

This one, with the tree is my favorite! It’s going to go on the wall somewhere in our house. And you know what’s funny? I didn’t want to take this photo! When Dmitry, our photographer told us to go and lean on this tree I said that it’s too cheesy and I don’t like this idea. He insisted. If you hired a photographer – trust him or her. They know what they are doing and have their own vision 😉

Love, Julia


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