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Wedding album. Why do you want one?

Nov 1, 2018

You’re on the fence about getting a wedding album. I get it! Wedding expenses start to add up quickly and I know you are looking for the areas you can cut back on. It is tempting to put your wedding album on the list of items to cut from the budget.

Don’t do it! So many of the things you plan for the wedding day will wilt and fade, but photography steps in and preserves them! These photos aren’t meant to be tucked away in a box, or stuck on a hard drive in your desk drawer. They are tangible memories of the most important day of your life! Preserving those choices; the venue, the carefully selected linens, your wedding colors, and those perfect pink peonies you chose for your bouquet…little details, seemingly small, but so significant to the romance of your day. You deserve to preserve those moments. Memories fade, hard drives can fail, but printed memories last.

Imagine sitting with your children pouring over those glossy pages, fingers tracing the shape of your veil, and giggling at how handsome daddy looks in a tux. It is a revered activity, this time with you, listening to you share your love story. Sure it is fun to flip through photos on your phone. It is certainly convenient. But, holding the weight of an album in your hands, that feels heavy with the life and legacy you have shared together- nothing compares to the way that feels.

You might have been considering building your own album and printing it through an online company. This is a quick and seemingly affordable way to go, but the quality isn’t made to last. All of my studio albums are handcrafted in the US, printed on archival quality materials designed to stand the test of time. My design training allows me to share the story of your wedding day in an artfully arranged photo narrative that highlights not just the love you share but the love of those who came to share your day with you.

I will work with you to choose the images that are most meaningful to you. This ensures your story is just as you remember it. The fine details of the wedding album are fully customizable! You can choose the album cover materials, paper quality and thickness, and even the font for the front cover!

The best part of an album is having it on hand to share with friends and family! It is short, sweet, and with all the most important highlights from your wedding day. It may just save relationships too- can you imagine how you’d feel if your husband’s cousin dozed off while viewing your 800 wedding photos? If you won’t buy it for yourself, do it for peace with your in-laws! I kid, but really, an album is more than just one more expense. It is an investment in your life together. A tangible memento to hold on to and remember the life you started together on your first day of forever.


wedding album cover option

wedding album pages

wedding album with leather cover and photo

Combo cover: leather + photo

Album sizes: 12×12, 11×11, 10×10

wedding album with cameo

Cameo cover

wedding album presentation


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