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A Guide to Choosing Seasonal Blooms for Your Wedding Flowers

Jul 7, 2019

Wedding planning goes into full swing after you pick a date for your big day. Having a secured date allows you to narrow down color schemes, menu items, and plan some aspects around the season of your wedding. One of the biggest parts of wedding decor is choosing the perfect florals to decorate your space. 

Fresh florals elevate everything from your table centerpieces to your wedding party outfits, but they can come with a hefty pricetag. For some tips on choosing wedding flowers and sticking with your budget, I’ve teamed up with Zola to share some expert advice on picking out seasonal blooms.  

Wedding flowers guide

Spring wedding flowers guide

Spring wedding flower inspiration


Why Go With Seasonal Flowers?

While it isn’t necessary to coordinate all of your decor, colors, and wedding food with the season of your wedding, it does help to create a cohesive theme and pull everything together almost effortlessly. Embracing the seasonality of your flowers can also save you money on floral costs.

There are many flowers that bloom year-round like roses, orchids and calla lilies. These flowers usually come at a moderate price because of the wide availability. If you’re looking for more specialized flowers, try to incorporate seasonal blooms and balance out your bouquets or centerpieces with year-round blooms or greenery fillers to help stay within your budget. 

Seasonal blooms like the summer dahlia or winter tulips are more available to florists and local vendors when they are in season, reducing costs and less competition. However, it’s important to keep in mind that weather patterns have a direct impact on flowers so you should contact your florist closer to your wedding date to make sure blooms are available.

Summer wedding flowers guide Summer wedding flower inspiration

Know Your Budget

Know your priorities when it comes to your wedding budget. If stellar decorations and beautiful bouquets are important to you, plan out dreamy florals and go big. Florals can cost anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars but there are always to compromise and be flexible.

Fall wedding flowers guide Fall wedding flower inspiration

Match Your Style

Even if you do choose to go with seasonal flowers, don’t feel limited to fit within a pre-determined style. Luckily the variety of blooms for each season provide lots of options for any bride and you can use unusual additions like fruit, feathers or jewels to adorn your bouquet.

Winter wedding flowers guide Winter wedding flower inspiration

Get Visual

Do your research and find types of florals you like and examples that you don’t like. Collecting these images will give your florist or planner a better understanding of your vision and expectations. 


Wedding flowers guide

All images and charts are courtesy of Zola.


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