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5 Reasons You Need a Second Photographer

Feb 11, 2019

It’s that same issue creeping up again and again as you plan your wedding. Do I really NEED ______? That ugly word, budget, is looming in the back of your mind, infiltrating your dreams and making you miserable. You are looking over every purchase and scanning for ways to save. Naturally, your bigger expenses, like photography, are getting a second review as well, leaving you wondering if you need to add that second shooter to your contract. My vote is YES, and here are my top 5 reason’s why!

Number 1:

They have yet to invent cloning. I can’t be in two places at once, which means, you are going to have to sacrifice moments from your day. One of the best parts of viewing your wedding photos is seeing all the moments that you weren’t present. With one photographer, your wedding story has one voice, one author, and parts of the story will be left out. Make a list of moments that are most important to you before deciding to nix the 2nd shooter – if any of those moments require your photographer to be in two places, then I’d find another way to save that money!

Number 2:

Your wedding story is made up of little stories, little threads that weave together the tapestry of your love. There is the story of your mother’s handkerchief, carried by her mother. There is the story of your husband’s brother, who is home on leave for your wedding. These moments each deserve sharing, and they are best captured with two storytellers. One artist can focus on you and your new husband, and the other can concentrate on telling the story from the view of the details you chose to include.

Number 3:

Rich stories are ones that include multiple viewpoints. Having a second photographer allows the story to be told in layers. You can capture moments that show the emotions of those that are important to you, like your mother as she adjusts your veil and your grandfather as he shakes your groom’s hand. The ceremony is one of the most important times of your wedding day to have a 2nd photographer. During this time, one of us is always focused on getting pulled back images that tell the physical story of the ceremony, while the other is creating close up images of the couple, their friends and their family that tell the emotional story as well.

Number 4:

They can help keep those family photos from getting out of hand! Second shooters play a crucial role in moving this portion of the day along smoothly. They prep groupings, keep track of the shot list and keep things flowing. This way you still have plenty of time for beautiful couple’s portraits before you have to enter your reception.

Number 5:

More Photos! This is probably the biggest reason to have a second shooter! You will double the number of images to choose from because the story will be told from two storytellers instead of one. Your wedding story will only be written once, so make sure it is composed well!

My basic package always include a second photographer, but if we are creating a custom package for your day, make sure to ask me about 2nd photographer options!

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