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Best locations for your engagement, bridal or portrait session

Nov 29, 2018

Hello Friends! As we were putting together “Julia’s Guide to Your Dream Engagement Session” I thought it would be wonderful to share a list of locations since fairly often my clients ask me for an advice. So I am more than happy to share some of my most favorite and best locations for your engagement, bridal or portrait session in Dallas area. In my opinion 🙂

Just remember, no two sessions are the same!  But I  promise that you will bring your own unique energy to each location!  So have fun picking a spot that best represents you and enjoy getting all dressed up!

Winspear Opera / Flora Street – Art District, Dallas

Cost: FREE. This is my most favorite location! It’s easy to walk around and change locations quickly. This locations has a lot of texture and at the same time is very clean. There is also some greenery around. This locations is perfect for portraits, engagements and family session, as well as bridal sessions.

Address: 2403 Flora St, Dallas, TX 75201

Best locations for engagement, bridal or portrait session

Mandalay Canal – Las Colinas

Cost: FREE/ $50. This place does not look like it’s Texas! Beautiful vintage/European looking area is easy to walk around and change locations quickly. Recommended for engagement/couple photography and wedding portraits.

Address: 215 Mandalay Canal, Irving, TX 75039

Best locations for engagement, bridal or portrait session

SMU campus and Highland Park United Methodist Church

Cost: FREE. This beautiful place with its classic architecture is one of my favorites for bridal sessions. However this place would also be a great fit for a portrait or engagement session.

Address: 3300 Mockingbird Ln, Dallas, TX 75205

Best locations for engagement, bridal or portrait session

Adriatica Village – McKinney

Cost: FREE. Another place with beautiful architecture that doesn’t look very much like Dallas. This place is huge, but it’s still easy to move around and change locations. Recommended for portraits, senior and family portraits, engagement/couple photography and bridal/wedding portraits.

Address: 401 Adriatic Pkwy, McKinney, TX 75070

Arlington Hall at Lee Park -Dallas

Cost: FREE. If you want a mix of nature and a little bit of architecture this is a wonderful place! I would recommend it  for engagement or bridal session, as well as for a portrait session.

Address: 3333 Turtle Creek Blvd, Dallas, TX 75219

Kimbell Museum of Art – Fort Worth

Cost: FREE. Kimbell Museum is another great location for a bridal or portrait session. It provides with clean and modern backgrounds which do not take away attention from you!

Address: 3333 Camp Bowie Blvd, Fort Worth, TX 76107

Best locations for engagement, bridal or portrait session

Deep Ellum – Dallas

Cost: FREE.  This location is FUN! It’s very edgy, so it is probably not the best fit for a bridal session. But is’s one of the best locations for portrait, engagement or family sessions.

Around Saint Ann Restaurant and Mercat Bistro

Cost: FREE. This location is absolutely great for portrait sessions and engagements. I love this place for its modern yet classy look. The perfect mix of greenery, stone, wood and glass make this place pretty unique!
Address: 2550 Harry Hines Blvd, Dallas, TX 75201

Bishop Arts District – Dallas

Cost: FREE. If you are looking for a less sleek and more relaxed and artsy location, then Bishop Arts District is for you. This location is great for a lifestyle/engagement sessions and senior portraits.

Dallas Farmers Market

Cost: FREE. Dallas Farmers Market is another place for a FUN lifestyle/engagement or lifestyle/family session.

Address: 920 S Harwood St, Dallas, TX 75201

Latino Cultural Center – Dallas

Cost: FREE. This location isn’t very big, and can be just and additional location to Deep Ellum. It’s great for senior portraits and may be some engagement pictures.

Address: 2600 Live Oak St, Dallas, TX 75204

Fort Worth Sundance Square

Cost: FREE. Sundance Square is a great location for an engagement session if you like walking around!

Address: 141 W 3rd St, Fort Worth, TX 76102

Lone Star Mansion – Burleson

Cost: around $300 for 2 hours. You don’t have to have this venue booked for your wedding to be able to come here to do your Bridal session. If you like old mansions and classic interiors and staircases, then this place is for you!

Address: 629 John Charles Dr, Burleson, TX 76028


Bella Donna Chapel – McKinney

Cost: $$. You don’t have to get married at this chapel to be able to come here for your Bridal portraits. This place always has the most beautiful light! And it is also located in Adriatica Village, so if you come to Bella Donna Chapel for your Bridal session few more pictures in the Village are going to be the must.

Address: 6641 Mediterranean Dr, McKinney, TX 75070

Dallas Arboretum

Cost: $15/person entrance fee, $15/car parking. Arboretum is probably the most popular place in Dallas for engagement and bridal sessions. It’s hard to resist the beauty of this garden, so if you are okay with being a little stereotypical you will not regret choosing this location! Recommended for senior portraits, engagement/couple photography and bridal/wedding portraits.

Address: 8525 Garland Rd, Dallas, TX 75218

Fort Worth Botanical Garden

Cost: $50-100. Fort Worth Botanical Garden is not as big as Dallas Arboretum, but it has its own charm, especially the Rose Garden. It’s less crowded and is a little less walking around than Arboretum. Recommended for engagement/couple photography and bridal/wedding portraits.

Address: 3220 Botanic Garden Blvd, Fort Worth, TX 76107

Japanese Botanical Gardens – Fort Worth

Cost: $.  The Japanese Botanical Gardens is a lush 110-acre garden with famed Japanese landscape. There are lots of trails, bridges, greenery and trees, so it’s perfect for those who prefer nature.

Address: 3300 Japanese Garden Lane, Fort Worth, TX 76107

The Cotton Mill – McKinney

Cost: $200 for 2 hours.  The Cotton Mill is an indoor/outdoor location that has been used for movies, music videos, fashion shoots, weddings and all kinds of things because of its clean industrial looks.  It has a huge warehouse space that has beautiful natural light.

Address: 610 Elm St #110, McKinney, TX 75069

University of Texas at Dallas – Richardson

Cost: FREE.  UT Dallas is an outdoor location on a college campus. Lots of trees and grass, a man-made pond and cool architectural buildings.  Easy to walk around and change locations quickly. Address: 800 W Campbell Rd, Richardson, TX 75080

Frisco Heritage Center – Frisco

Cost: FREE.  Frisco Heritage Center is great outdoor location with lots of grass and Texas/country/Western charm. It’s a good location for family session with little kids.

Address: 6499 Page St, Frisco, TX 75034

Aldredge House – Dallas

Cost: $875 for 2 hours. This historic House Museum is for those who appreciate history, legacy and everything vintage. No doubt that it’s a beautiful inside/outside location for a bridal session.
Address: 5500 Swiss Ave, Dallas, TX 75214

Hickory Street Annex – Dallas


Lumen Room

Cost: $75/hr.Cost: FREE. Recommended for portraits, senior portraits, engagement/couple photography and bridal/wedding portraits. Address: 4301 Bryan St #303, Dallas, TX 75206

The TX Studio

Cost: $99 for 2 hrs. Recommended for portraits, senior portraits, engagement/couple photography and bridal/wedding portraits. Address: 1300 S. Polk Street, Dallas, TX, 75224

Studio Bella’s

Cost: Room 1: $150 for 2 hrs or Room 2: $200 for 2 hrs.  Recommended for portraits, senior portraits, engagement/couple photography and bridal/wedding portraits. Address: 2030 Main St #420, Dallas, TX 75201

Seasonal ideas

Christmas Tree Farms

Cost: $-$$. While different farms can have different rules as far as I know most of them open right after Thanksgiving.

Cotton fields

Cost: FREE. While I am sure there are a lot of fields around DFW, I’ve found one in Prosper/Frisco area that can be accessed. Time of the year: mid October.

Lavender Fields

Cost: $. Lavender is not natural to North Texas and even though it can be grown here, as far as I know not every year is the lucky one for the farms. Peaks of the season can vary from year to year, but typically mid on June-July.

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  1. shelbi

    September 5th, 2019 at 10:55 am

    Where is the location of the cotton fields you mentioned in prosper/frisco?

  2. Julia Sharapova

    September 6th, 2019 at 9:19 am

    You know what, I can’t remember! I would have to go back and find it. I think it’s somewhere on the intersection of Tollway and 380. Just a little bit to the side…..

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