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My trip to Venice.

Sep 6, 2019

I can’t believe it’s already September, and still haven’t had a chance to share pictures from my trip to Italy back in May! Well, to be honest, only about a month ago I opened them on my computer for the first time. It was my mom’s birthday, so I decided to gift her an album with photos from our trip. I am so in love with it! Since now on I will be making such albums from every single trip I make. I loved having this little book on my coffee table and being able to open it any time and look through my favorite pictures!

My very first trip to Italy was in 2009, and I immediately fell in love with the country. It was one of my very first trips to Europe, so I came back home with endless memories of my trip. My mother has never been to Italy, but has always wanted to. So I decided it’s time to show her this beautiful country. I was a little nervous about the trip. In the past 10 years I was lucky to travel quite a bit, and got a little spoiled with impressions. This time I had 14 European countries under my belt, so I was afraid that this time I might not like Italy as much as I loved it first time. You guys… Italy doesn’t disappoint! It is such a beautiful place! And one region is so different from another one! But I have to admit that now I agree that French food is so much better than Italian! For sure!

I didn’t bring my camera with me every day of our trip. Some days I was just trying to take pictures only with my eyes. And even with that I still have so many beautiful pictures that I want to share, so I decided to do two separate blog posts. If any of you planning a trip to Italy and hesitant weather you should make a stop in Venice, I say yes! Even if you can spend at least one day, it’s worth it!

Love, Julia

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